June 21, 2018


Stress and Arthritis

Everyone has stress — it can come from small annoyances, like being stuck in traffic or waiting in long lines — but you can't let it build up. Regardless of the cause, if you’re like many with arthritis, you'll notice that when your stress level rises, so does your pain. Here are a few simple stress relievers to try that may ease some of the stress and pain caused by arthritis.

It’s not always easy to stay positive – but dwelling on negative thoughts can do more than put you in a blue mood; your thoughts affect the way you feel mentally and physically. Fortunately, positive thinking can have the opposite effect. Try these simple mood boosters>> 
You don’t have to paint like Picasso to benefit from drawing a picture or creating a collage. In fact, no matter your artistic skills, just the practice of making art may ease stress and arthritis pain>>
Meditation may relieve arthritis pain, help you sleep better and even lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, research shows. But the idea of sitting cross-legged for an hour or so keeps many people from even trying. You can add a little quiet time to your life without fuss>>  


When you’re in pain, it can be difficult to maintain an exercise program – but knowing what causes your pain and how to manage it can help you break the pain chain and live your life to the fullest. Visit our Breaking the Pain Chain toolkit and learn how to manage your pain and preserve your quality of life>>