August 16, 2018


Doctors should routinely talk to all arthritis patients about the importance of physical activity and exercise, according to new recommendations. Experts say doctors need to help patients understand how vital physical activity is to their health and well-being and find ways to help them change the way they think about exercise and their ability to do it. Learn more>>

Exercise plays an important role in managing arthritis symptoms. But it may be hard to start or maintain an exercise program. Our experts explain how to overcome 11 common hurdles – from pain or exhaustion to boredom>> 
Outdoor or indoor, cycling is one of the most effective workouts for people with arthritis. It is a good cardiovascular exercise that strengthens leg muscles as well as the stabilizing muscles of the core. The repetitive knee motion, without constant impact, is especially good for arthritic knees. Find out how to make cycling part of your summer exercise routine>>
Strength training is useful for helping ease arthritis pain. It builds muscles to support joints, which helps reduce stiffness and increase mobility. If you’re ready to start pumping iron, we’ve got tips to help you on your journey>>  


Exercise can help ease arthritis pain, but how much do you really know about the ins and outs of working out? Read these questions and answers and test your fitness IQ>>