Nearly 75% of Arthritis Patients Struggle with Arthritis Daily
We teamed up with Nielsen to gain actionable research results that will help us create new tools.
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Thanks to the help of the folks at Nielsen, we have actionable research results to guide us in creating new tools that can help people face the everyday challenges of arthritis.

Many people think of Nielsen as the “TV ratings company.” But their expertise goes deeper and wider – which is why we teamed up with them to help us help people with arthritis.

About 75 percent of those in our survey of nearly 1,500 Americans said they struggle with arthritis pain and disability daily. They have trouble with self-care, participating in recreational activities and attending school and work.

Read about the data that motivates us to continually look for new ways to help.

Among tools we’ve created in response are the community-based Arthritis Resource Finder, the Breaking the Pain Chain toolkit and the YES (Your Exercise Solution®) tool. And more are on the way!

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