June 2018

The Arthritis Foundation is actively expanding the number of rheumatologists by naming five universities that will receive fellowship awards. The program is designed to address the growing shortage that the American College of Rheumatology cautions is expected to increase and will lead to worsened disease outcomes, lower quality of life and increased mortality rates. 

The following institutions each received $150,000: University of Washington, University of California, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Grant Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health and the David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.   

During its 70-year history, the Foundation has been a major catalyst for advancing treatments and discoveries, investing a half billion dollars in arthritis-related research. These fellowships, which will focus on underserved communities, mark the first milestone achieved as part of the “Be the One” major gift initiative.

Learn more about our four breakthrough initiatives that are shaping the way new arthritis treatments are developed: https://www.arthritis.org/arthritis-cure/scientific-initiatives/
Ambassadors Urge Congress to Sponsor Legislation 

Six members of Congress sponsored Step Therapy Reform legislation and four members sponsored legislation that addresses the pediatric rheumatologist shortage as a result of Platinum Ambassador visits on Capitol Hill.

Harnessing Experience of Peers to Help People Connect
Harnessing Experience of Peers to Help People Connect

The first-of-their-kind local meet up events were piloted in eight markets -- led by volunteers -- to provide a supportive place to live, learn and lean on each other.

Winterhoff Scholarships Awarded Across the Country

Eleven college students with rheumatic diseases were awarded the Winterhoff Scholarships. In its second year as a nationwide initiative, this group represents the largest geographic reach since the program started in 2010 in the Pacific Southwest.