May 15, 2018


A few simple actions can have a tremendous impact. This Arthritis Awareness Month, learn what steps you can take to get a grip on arthritis – from tips and tools for coping with pain to ways to donate and support arthritis research and programs. Learn how small acts can help you live your best life, increase arthritis awareness and make a difference for others >>

Arthritis can often leave you feeling isolated – especially when your closest friends and family don’t understand your pain or limitations. Our best strategies for building stronger relationships can help you develop a deeper connection with your loved ones. Check out our expert tips for improving your relationships >>
Arthritis doesn’t just cause physical pain. Many people experience emotional distress as well, feeling angry, depressed or even anxious about their diagnosis. Find out why your emotions shouldn’t be ignored and how they can even help guide your treatment >>
The best expert on you is you! Whether it’s talking to your doctor or incorporating lifestyle changes into your daily routine, our guide to self-management can help you take a more active role in your treatment. Learn how to take charge of your health >>
Arthritis treatments come in many shapes and sizes – and not all of them require a prescription. There are dozens of drug-free ways to alleviate pain and stress on your joints. Our top ways to feel better will have you up and moving in no time, all without a trip to the medicine cabinet. Read more >>
May Is Arthritis Awareness Month
For 54 million Americans, doing even the simplest things can be challenging or impossible. Arthritis stops people from doing what they need to – and even the things they love. Your support can bring us closer to a cure. Let’s get a grip on arthritis. Donate today >>