July 03, 2018


Your home should be your sanctuary. But when you’re living with arthritis, caring for a house can sometimes be a source of pain or discomfort. Thankfully, there are dozens of ways to take on household tasks without stressing your joints. Find out more >>

Does the thought of unclogging a drain or hanging a picture make your joints ache? While these tasks might have caused you pain in the past, you don’t have to let arthritis keep you from undertaking simple home repairs. Get our pain-free tips for tackling home improvement projects >>
From loading dishes to sweeping floors to scrubbing bathroom sinks, your home is in constant need of attention. Check out our expert cleaning tips and learn how to keep your house clean while minimizing joint pain >>
Arthritis pain and swelling can interfere with even the most routine tasks, like making a bed. Fortunately, there are easy modifications that make these everyday tasks easier and less stressful on your joints. Read more >>
Laundry can feel like a never-ending chore. And when you live with arthritis, it can be physically painful as well as exhausting. Our readers weigh in with tips for making laundry day more bearable. Read more >>
Back Pain Self-Care Tips
Before you dive into remodeling your guest room or cleaning out that hall closet, be sure you’re making your health a priority. Put yourself first with our self-care tips to minimize and manage back pain >>