February 15, 2018

Winter Blues Got You Down?
Many people struggle with the shorter days, colder weather, and the general blah of the winter season. Let’s face it, by now most of us are ready for spring. Here are 4 ways to help get you through the season.
Movement is not just great for your joints and muscles, it’s also known to improve your mood and decrease anxiety. Did you know that practicing yoga regularly can reduce pain, increase flexibility, improve function and lower stress? Learn more about the benefits>> 
Not getting outside during winter months slows down production and decreases the body’s store of vitamin D which is important for keeping bones strong. It’s particularly important for people with arthritis who take oral corticosteroids. Going for a winter walk and getting 15 minutes of sun exposure  two to three times per week is one way to boost your vitamin D production. Here are a few others >>
Paired with the right partners, certain foods can do a body better. Here are 3 healthy and simple dynamic duo recipes>>  

Tools and Resources

Surround yourself with a positive network of friends, family and individuals who are experiencing similar situations. Our peer-led, local support networks offer connection, education and empowerment. Learn more>>

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