Family Life with JA
Help your child and your family deal with the emotional stress of juvenile arthritis.
JA Family Life

Daily life with juvenile arthritis takes many twists and turns.

There’s the physical side – then the emotional side, which is just as real and in-your-face.

You can help your child, and your entire family, deal with the many emotional stresses of JA. 

We’ll show you how

Explore several tips about daily life with juvenile arthritis, live a fulfilling life at home, in school and on the go. Like how to manage meds, exercising options, staying on top of schoolwork and more.

By developing a positive and proactive attitude, instead of being overly anxious, parents can help reframe their child’s perception of life with arthritis.

Being proactive doesn’t mean ignoring pain. But you can help your child turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Learn how!

We’re rooting for you – and we’re here to help however we can!

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